Quebec man wearing Alien T-Shirts gets fired then hired!

Jean-Francois Bergeron loves E.T.! So much in fact, he decided to make alien t-shirts his uniform of choice at a little known factory out of Granby, Quebec, called “Delta Transformers” (when asked, they commented that their Transformers do not change from cars into robots).

Now, JFB’s boss at Delta Transformers took offence to his alien t-shirts and decided to fire him. The Quebec labour tribunal wasn’t too impressed with that decision and promply stepped in, citing “the employer’s dress code violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.  Delta Transformers was forced to reinstate the 51-year-old electrician, compensate him for lost salary and allow him to wear his Alien T-shirts. JFB is rumoured to be member of the Raelian movement, which believes a race of ET’s created life on Earth. Company officials are refusing to disclose whether or not Decepticon sits on their board of directors.