Monster Marketing Tips

You’ve just finished uploading your best design ever – now what??!!

The best designs in the world won’t earn you any money unless they generate sales. In order to run a successful T-Shirt business you need to market your Gallery. Here’s a few tips on how to get started:

Take time to customize your Gallery
Think of your Gallery as a virtual exhibition where customers can view your designs, shop and interact. Make it interesting for them! You can’t actually talk to your customers, but they can get to know you if you upload your photo. Let them know what interests you and how you got into design.

Pay attention to your Design Name, Description & Keywords!
When you 1st exhibit a design to the Gallery, you will be asked for the Design Name, Description, and Key Words:

Your Design name is important for letting human customers know what your t shirt is about. It is also important for search engines reading the HTML code. Think carefully about what you would type into a search engine and name your T-shirt accordingly.

Your Description and Keywords are automatically embedded in our meta keyword/description content. In the above example, here’s how the source code looks:

<meta name=”Keywords” content=”baby t shirt, new baby, infant tshirt, baby boy, baby girl, unique gift” />

<meta name=”Description” content=”Perfect for a new baby girl or new baby boy, this stork looks great on infant t shirt blue or infant tshirt pink. Celebrate your new arrival with a custom baby t shirt. ” />

Why is this important? This can generate unexpected traffic through search engines like Google & Yahoo. Their crawlers will read your Description & Keywords and use them to pick up your design page. Be specific and use as many descriptive keywords as you can.

Link your Gallery to other Websites & Blogs
Link building is absolutely critical for getting listed with search engines like Goggle. Google uses crawlers that follow web links. The more links you have pointing to your website, the more likely crawlers will notice & include your pages. If you have a website or blog, include a link to your gallery. Using a short, descriptive sentence works better than a simple link. For example: “Loch Ness Monster T-Shirts make a perfect gift!”

Wear your Designs
There’s no better way to advertise your T-Shirt designs than to wear them! Every social event is an opportunity to show off your talent and spark others to ask you where you got your cool T-Shirt. Be proud of your designs and let others know where they can purchase them. Hand out flyers & business cards with your Gallery address on them.

Use Current Events to your advantage
Rock stars, movie icons and famous politicians have been using T-Shirt’s since the 1960’s to express their views on current events. Newspaper headlines create a demand for expression – stay on top of what’s hot and use T-Shirt’s as your canvas.

Consider Google Adwords
Google can be a great way to drive traffic to your Gallery. It can also be a complete waste of money if your ad is not worded properly! Experiment with a small budget and track the number of shirts sold from your ad. Set a daily limit – once your limit is reached your ad will no longer appear. The more T-Shirts you sell, the more you can justify increasing your daily limit.