Comic Sans Fonts the talk of the World

We came across an interesting article from the Globe and Mail, about a recent experiment testing the effect “Comic Sans” font has on the brain. The experiment involved 222 students from an Ohio high school. Presentations were given in easy-to-read font as well as harder to read fonts, such as Comic Sans. Better grades were achieved by the students reading the harder fonts and the researchers suggest it’s because they were forced to concentrate more on the text. Hmmm…will all text books be printed in Comic Sans?

Here’s 3 new fonts that are available to use to create custom t-shirts:

Collegiate is perfect for making t-shirts for sports teams or clubs. 28 Days is great if you want to go for a grundge look, and Germanica Fluted is nice for creating custom t-shirts with that “once upon a time” theme! Have fun designing your custom t-shirts and remember to send us designs you’ve created that you’re really excited about!